Xayaboury earthquake damage estimated at 2 billion kip

Damage to property in Hongsa and Xaysathan districts of Xayaboury province has been estimated at over 2 billion kip after at least 300 families were affected by an earthquake last week.
Director of the province’s Labour and Social Welfare Department, Mr Nouphone Xaypanyachith, said two earthquakes measuring 6.4 and 5.9 on the Richter scale struck the districts of Hongsa and Xaysathan on November 21, injuring eight people.
A total of 134 families in 17 villages in Hongsa district were affected, while 71 houses, 11 schools, 12 temples, four hospital centres, and two offices suffered varying degrees of damage.  Seven other houses were damaged beyond repair and 24 families suffered damage to their belongings. The total property damage in Hongsa has been estimated at 1.1 billion kip.


Phomphong Laoin