[Webinar]:Topic: “The state of Open Data~Land ownership roundtable.”

D4D is launching a new process to update the State of Open Data to reflect how the open data agenda has shifted to reflect the pandemic and global developments since the first edition.

The discussion will cover: 

(1). Recent progress in open land data. The links between the open data and land communities have developed and matured significantly in the last four years.

(2). Open land data for what purpose? While open land data at the global level is still scarce, opening up data for its own sake has limited utility.

(3). Whose data? The differing needs and interests of data producers and users require careful consideration of the social, political and economic objectives of open data initiatives.

(4). Evolution, not revolution. Reviewing the development over the last five years, change has been evolutionary, rather than revolutionary. Going forward there are several key initiatives in which progress must be continued. 

Date and Time: Nov 4, 2022 08:00 PM (Bangkok time). 

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