Troubled Waters: Is Conflict Over The Mekong Inevitable?

Policy leaders, academics, international organizations, NGOs, and media have all warned that tensions between nation-states sharing watercourses would be the source of inevitable conflict in the 21st century.

Dr. Anoulak and Germany’s Dr. Susanne Schmeier, an associate professor at IHE Delft who co-edits the book, who co-edits the book, make the case that two sets of four interrelated factors are key: the level of development of the RBO’s legal mandates and established institutional structures together with their  technical and strategic resources and capacities. 

In the area surrounding the Mekong River on which the livelihoods of 70 million people depend, dam-building and other unsustainable water use by each riparian country have raised alarm bells from other riparian countries, stakeholders, and even powers outside the region over emerging impacts and potentially more severe ones in the future.

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Francis Savankham