Khammuan road repair bill estimated at 33 billion kip

Khammuan province: Authorities in this flood-stricken area say at least 33 billion kip is needed to repair damaged roads in five districts.
Director of the province’s Public Works and Transport Department, Mr Phitsamai Khongsadath, told media “We expect to need a budget of over 33 billion kip to repair flood-damaged roads in Mahaxay, Nongbok, Yommalath, Bualapha and Xebangfay districts.”

Some 52 roads in these districts suffered varying degrees of damage. Repairs to 10 roads in Mahaxay are estimated to cost 4 billion kip, repairs to 11 roads in Nongbok will cost about 6 billion kip, six roads in Yommalath will need 3 billion kip worth of work, 15 roads in Bualapha will cost 15 billion kip to repair, and 10 roads in Xebangfay district will require 3 billion kip to restore to good condition.


Phomphong Laoin