[Webinar]: Taking Data Back: Women’s Sovereignty over Land Data

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality” aiming to celebrate women and girls who are championing the advancement of transformative technology and digital education.


  • What can be done to include Indigenous women in the data cycle in ways that are respectful of and honour their rights.
  • The practicalities of Indigenous communities taking back their land-related data. What steps need to be taken in order for this to happen and how can women play a key role.
  • How can land related data be collected in terms of cultural values, which women are often at the centre of.
  • How Indigenous Peoples can participate and be empowered in cadastral data governance. 

Date/Time: Mar 30, 2023, at 08:00 PM (Bangkok time).

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Land Portal Foundation