Flash Update: No. 03 – Tropical Storm PODUL (JENNY) and Tropical Depression KAJIKI, Lao PDR – 08 September 2019

  • According to the Social Welfare Department of Lao PDR, emergency response teams from the military, police, and health sectors, equipped with trucks, boats, vehicles, helicopters, tools, and other equipment, have been deployed to the affected provinces for emergency response.
  • National Government leaders of Lao PDR visited the affected areas to assess the status of the affected population, and to lead in the ongoing emergency response. The officials also provided consolation to the victims and support to the responders.
  • Provincial and District-level Disaster Management and Control Committee and local authorities are also taking action in the emergency response and relief operations.
  • Food and non-food items have been mobilised by the Government for distribution to the affected population.
  • To date, flood waters have not yet receded in several affected areas. Moreover, rainfall forecast shows certainty that rain will continue in the affected areas for the next few days.
  • The AHA Centre is currently acting on the request for assistance from Lao PDR in support of the emergency response and relief operations. The National Disaster Management Organisation of Lao PDR, through the National Focal Point, requested for the following relief items in the Disaster Emergency Logistics System of ASEAN (DELSA):
    • 1,000 Family kits
    • 3,500 Personal Hygiene kit
    • 1,000 Kitchen kit
    • 1,400 Mosquito net
    • 1,400 Jerry cans (10L)
  • The ASEAN-Emergency Response and Assessment Team (ASEAN-ERAT) has also been activated for possible deployment.
  • The AHA Centre Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) alert level is now raised to Orange (Response Preparation).
  • AHA Centre will continuously monitor the situation, and will issue Situation Updates.

ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance

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