Lao Economic Daily

The government has approved Sepon Mining Limited to mine gold

On 21 February 2022, the Government of Lao PDR and Sepon Mining Company jointly signed an agreement on the mining and processing of gold ore in Sepon District, Savannakhet Province with an area of 206.72 hectares, which the Company has committed to the Government in ...

315 villages in Khammouane province impacted by floods

Up till July 31, there are totally 315 villages in Khammouane province that have been affected by flood, added 6 villages of yesterday’s data. This is responsible for 17,595 households, and 28,613 hectares of farming areas impacted, an increase from 13,589 households and 25,049 hectares ...


Floods hit Xiengkhoung with two dead and 14 damaged bridges this month

Bombarded with heavy rains for many days so far this July, numerous areas in Xiengkhoung province have been affected by floods. Areas in seven districts of Xiengkhoung have unavoidably seen the negative impacts. Particularly, the condition in Pek district found 37 flood-affected villages with 41 ...

Bounmy Sengthoummy

Luang Prabang‘s six tourist sites generated over 11 billion this year

According to the provincial finance department, by the end of June 2018 technologies have been applied to manage fees at tourist sites in Luang Pranbang, either at provincial, city or district levels in cooperation with the department of taxationMore ...

Phetsakhone Simmaving

A Japanese toys company launched the first factory in Laos

EPOCH Toys (Lao) Ltd., the leading toys company behind Sylvanian Families, which are distributed in over 60 countries around the world opened a new factory in Laos.More ...

Lao Economic Daily

Toxic Chemicals found in Fresh Vegetables and Fruits at Savanxay market in Savannakhet

Officers in change from Savannakhet Province and Kaysone City joined forces to collect samples and inspect at sites for toxic substances in fresh vegetables and fruits at Savanxay market, Savannakhet Municipality on June 26, 2018, with the interests of followed-up buyers and retailers.More ...

Lao Economic Daily

Phoukhoun District will push on the improvement of public health by the end of this year

In the second half of this year, Office of Public Health at Phoukhoun District, Luang Prabang Province will strive to achieve 10 development indicators and 8 Disbursement Linked Indicators (Dli).  The key focus will be the health of under-weighed child under five, vaccination and monotiring ...

Lao Economic Daily

Flooding in Yod Ou District, Damaged Roads and Bridges

Heavy rain in Phongsaly Province during June 24-25, 2018 flooded a wide range of areas over 594.28 hectares in Yod Ou District, resulted in damage to roads and bridges.According to an local report on flooding disaster in rice, corn fields and crop areas in Yod ...

Lao Economic Daily

New Complex Resort Project at Km 62 in Vientiane Province will bring a new dimension to tourism in Laos

Upon reaching the agreement with Oriental Co., Ltd., the government has conducted a feasibility study on the construction of Lao-style Complex Resort, cost USD 3 billion. The government will hold 20% business share. The key purpose of this project is to recreate a new attraction ...

Lao Economic Daily

Ministry of Defense handed over fund for victims of natural disasters to Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare

On June 25, 2018, Ministry of Defense has handed over support fund of 404 million kip which were raised from departments and services under the Ministry of Defense to Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare as contribution in support of victims affected by natural disasters ...

Lao Economic Daily

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