New guidelines for import/export of agricultural products in Laos

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) – The government has listed the types of goods and the quantity of agricultural and plant products that may be imported and exported through Lao customs checkpoints.

Under the new guidelines, every household should own some tools and machinery such as a tractor. There should be at least one tractor per household, one motor pump per household and one food grinder per household. This apart, there should be one spinning motor and one rice mill per household, according to fresh directives from the Ministry of Finance.

One person may import or export agricultural and plant products per day as follows: sweetcorn seeds – 10kg; plant seeds – 200g; 5kg of bean seeds; 10 bottles of mushroom spores, 5kg of fresh mushrooms, two sacks of chemical fertiliser, 5kg of herbs, 10kg of fresh fruit, and 10 ornamental or industrial tree saplings.


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