Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Project 90% Complete

KPL reports that Xieng Khouang, Vice Governor, Mr. Bouangneun Houmayaphom, made an inspection visit of the hydropower installation in early May.

During his trip, Governor Bouanguen visited two affected districts to ensure local people have a sound understanding of political theory, government policy and law.

On this occasion, Mr. Khamsai Latsasima, Head of the Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Project, said that the project has been handed over to Electricité du Laos (EDU) for completion of construction and the operations of the dam. He said the project constructing Nam ngum Hydropower cost more than USD 760 million which the dam will generate 872 GWH a year. 

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Manyphone Vongphachanh