Agriculture and fishing

Fishing, fisheries and aquaculture

Unitel, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry extend cooperation in study on digitalisation of irrigation systems

The MOU is a reference for the cooperation of both parties in a study on the development of water supply services using digital systems and to study and develop technical services in relation to irrigation, agriculture and fishery. These activities will improve water management and ...

Advertorial Desk

New Reports Highlight Impacts of Human and Environmental Incursions in Mekong

The two reports entitled “Status and Trends of Fish Abundance and Diversity in the Lower Mekong Basin during 2007–2018” (FADM) and “Social Impact Monitoring and Vulnerability Assessment 2018” (SIMVA) found that households continue to rely on water resources that are increasingly under pressures. Both reports ...

Laotian Times

Fishermen call for river pollution to be addressed

Members of a large fishing community in Naxab village, Naxaithong district, Vientiane, are appealing to authorities to address the problem of farms dumping animal waste in the Khon River, which they say is creating a threat to fishing.The polluted river affects some 1,648 people who ...

Times Reporters

Village Fishermen Near Laos’ Don Sahong Dam Report Smaller Catches

Villagers near Don Sahong Dam, a major dam on the Mekong River in Laos, have reported smaller fish catches as it nears completion.The dam, slated to conduct its final testing phase by early next month, will be operational by the end of the year.Don Sahong ...

RFA’s Lao and Vietnamese Services

Simple methods keep Lao fishing traditions alive

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) – Many places in Laos are now inundated after several weeks of heavy rain which has caused suffering to many households around the country.People have lost their crops, belongings and livestock.But not everywhere has been affected by flooding and some people continue ...

Patithin Phetmeuangphuan

Laos' fish stocks get huge boost on National Wildlife and Aquatic Animal Conservation Day

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) – Around 50 million fish fingerlings will be released into rivers and lakes across the country to sustain and replenish fish stocks and maintain the equilibrium of ecosystems.Some 250,000 fish were released during an official event held at Namxuang Lake in Vientiane’s ...

Somsack Pongkhao

Japan backs Mekong fish friendly irrigation scheme

The Japanese government has pledged to continue its support for the Mekong River Commission (MRC) to implement a regional project to promote the installation of fish passages in irrigation facilities in the Mekong basin.More ...

Ekaphone Phouthonesy

Govt to create more fish conservation zones

The depletion of fish stocks across Laos has led the government to increase the number of conservation zones in a move to sustain the fish population. Experts have attributed the decline in fish stocks over past decades to destructive methods of fishing, pollution, and a growing ...

Vientiane Times

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