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Laos Stops Chinese-backed Tourism Development After Villagers Complain

A Chinese development project in Laos has been suspended indefinitely after pushback from local villagers and merchants.In mid-January, developers had begun initial surveys in Phoudindeng, Huai Sa-ngoa and Pakpo villages, located near scenic Vang Vieng, about four hours north of Vientiane.More ...

RFA’s Lao Service

‘Commissions’ Required of Companies Bidding for Building Work in Flood-hit Lao Province

Construction firms bidding for approval to build permanent homes for flood victims in Laos must pay between 10 to 26 percent of the total cost of the project to local authorities if their bids are approved, sources in the country say.Government officials in Attapeu province, ...

Ounkeo Souksavanh

Provincial Lawmakers in Laos Call for More Scrutiny of Foreign Firms

Lawmakers in Laos are urging the government to be stricter on foreign business entities in the country in an effort to protect the environment and protect the livelihood of the people.Khamsaphone Xayavong, a member of parliament from Oumxay district, Oudomxay province in northern Laos, called ...

RFA’s Lao Service

Lao State Workers Go Without Salaries, Even After PM’s Directive to Pay Them Monthly

State employees in many provinces of Laos have not received their January salaries in violation of a recent government mandate that the workers be paid on the 25th of every month, indicating that the directive may be a toothless effort to resolve a longstanding problem ...

RFA’s Lao Service

Rights Groups Urge Laos to Include The Poor in Decision-Making, Ahead of UN Expert’s Visit

The government of Laos must ensure that people living in poverty are able to take part in key decision-making processes that affect their lives, rights groups said Wednesday, ahead of a fact-finding mission to the Southeast Asian nation by a United Nations expert.More  ...

RFA’s Lao Service

Lao Migrant Youth Increasingly Looking for Work in China

Young people from the northern provinces of Laos are increasingly moving across the border to China in search of jobs and higher wages.Facing limited prospects at home, youth from Laos’ remote mountainous regions choose to become undocumented economic migrants in China’s neighboring Yunnan province, where ...

RFA’s Lao Service

Laos’ Garment Industry Faces Severe Labor Shortage

Garment factories in Laos are experiencing labor shortages as workers are looking to Thailand for greener pastures, sources say.A factory manager in the capital Vientiane who requested anonymity told RFA’s Lao Service earlier this month, “According to [results] of a survey we need about 10,000 ...

RFA's Lao Service

Chinese Railway Project in Laos Leaves Farmers in the Lurch

The railway project that would link landlocked Laos with China has been touted as a benefit to the Lao economy because it will lower the cost of exports and consumer goods while boosting socioeconomic development in the impoverished nation of nearly 7 million people.But the ...

RFA’s Lao Service

Lao Villagers Reject Plans For China-Invested SEZ

Lao villagers living in the scenic Vang Vieng region north of the capital Vientiane are blocking attempts to survey their land for foreign-invested development, fearing they will be displaced from their homes by a new Chinese tourism project, sources in the Southeast Asian country say.The ...

Ounkeo Souksavanh

Chemicals Dumped in River Kill Fish in Laos

Chemicals released into a river by a Chinese-owned banana farm near the Lao capital Vientiane killed over 300 kg of fish in November, prompting warnings by authorities to local villagers not to bathe or fish in the polluted stream, sources in the country say.The release, ...


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